I am a full time (36 years) WA State paramedic working as a firefighter/PM for Spokane FD. I am also a former instructor of various levels of FA from basic to PM. I attended the class as further support for the FRGC goals of better prepared Range Officers at our facility. I found the class content , materials and instruction to be first rate. Thank you for your interest and commitment in providing these skills in such a professional manner.

Stay safe,
Robert B. Smith
Director FRGC, Inc.

Hi my name is Jeff Floyd,
I am one of Fernan Rod and Gun Clubs NRA Certified 3Gun RSOs, we went though AED/CPR/First Aid class in March of this year our trainer was Mike Mackin, he did a great job of teaching the class and I think everyone came away with a good working knowledge of how to respond to an emergency situation to save a life, and we all pray we never need to use it but are trained and ready if we need it.

Thanks Mike.
Jeff Floyd

Thanks again for the wonderful class. I feel the areas covered in the class were a great introduction to life saving techniques as well as first aid. It has certainly spurred my interest in further studies such as the advanced and wilderness classes we talked about after the class. I had taken a CPR class before, but that was over 20 years ago and so I was happy to see that your class contained practical exercises using the dummy.

I look forward to taking further classes and learning more from you.

Patrick Walker
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